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AGNIESZKA KARASCH and RAM SAMOCHA – a summery of the collaboration at Draw to Perform 3.

RAM SAMOCHA and AGNIESZKA KARASCH talk about rules and control within a drawing performance and how their collaboration influcenced each of them personally.                                                                                                                              16.01.2017, Warsaw – Brighton Ram Samocha: One of the things that interested me when you asked if I would be able to collaborate was the approach […]

RAM SAMOCHA and AGNIESZKA KARASCH talk about Draw to Perform, an International Symposium for Drawing Performance.

Agnieszka Karasch and Ram Samocha, Draw to Perform

  18.03.2014, Warsaw-Brighton RAM SAMOCHA and AGNIESZKA KARASCH talk about Draw to Perform (an International Symposium for Drawing Performance), process-oriented art, performance documentation, viewer’s attention, logic, game strategy, emotions and interventions., AGNIESZKA KARASCH: From your experience as an artist and a curator, do you notice that it is in GB where performance and drawing are connected more than anywhere else in Europe? Judging from the quantity, quality and diversity of drawing performers, drawing collectives and events organized around this theme in England… RAM SAMOCHA:  It’s interesting you’re asking this question. I haven’t thought about it this way. I guess this kind of activity can happen in Tel Aviv or someplace else, […]