“Solo Images”

“Solo images” – ” (Jan. 2015 – current) is a developing cycle of big format drawings (2x2 m.). The images are inspired by somatic studies, physical theatre, actor’s training and J. Itten’s kinaesthetic exercises. They base on pre-defined movement and composition guidelines. Existing as independent works of art, they also imply a potential performative intervention of another person.
The works are part of an art-based research conducted at Aalto University / School of Arts, Architecture and Design in Helsinki, Finland.

Konstantin Stanislavski, a Russian actor, director and pedagogue, compared physical actions to other elementary means of expression such as a line in visual arts and assumed that they must be practiced analogically by an actor as a line is practiced by a visual artist in order to enhance authenticity and power of expression. Physical actions, as a training method in theater, aim at inducing various reactions, feelings and desires by repetition of meticulously structured body movements. Following and expanding Stanislavsky’s analogy, in my solo work I explore physical actions, motions, élan, resistance, time and pressure within a visual realm. The drawings bear traces of my mental and physical energy, yet the compositional structure of the images allows control and monitoring of my passions.

P. Klee’s seminal sketchbooks investigated development of visual perception and creation from dot to space and body. J. Albers developed visual skills through abstract concepts he advocated to be experienced trough the body and movement exercises. Theirs, as well as Johannes Itten’s ideas of freeing the creative powers through the BODY by “taking the lid off”, sensuous aspect of a line and finally his kinesthetic exercises are clearly analogous to Stanislavski’s methods. It is Itten, who prepared his students for classes by encouraging them to move their hands, arms and legs around in space similar to stretching exercises. Paying attention to the movements of the body, Itten practiced the type of exercises one completes in an actor’s workshop.